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Otsego County Vets

This list is an extract of the 152nd Regiment from a larger list compiled by Charles Shaw

cia- captured in action
kia- killed in action
wia- wounded in action
disdis- discharged for disability
dod- died of disease
dow- died of wounds
nd- no date
nfr- no further record
Co. "U" unassigned company

Name_______________________Reg't ______Enlisted Age Death date and place of death

Dickenson, Madison Cpl. (AND) K 152Inf 9/4/62 Roseboom 27-cia 6/23 d. 9/29/64 Andersonville
Hardendorf, Cornelius K 152Inf 9/15/62 Cherry Valley 23-d. 1/4/64 Stevensburg, Va.
Persons, Irwin M. (CPR) K 152Inf 8/21/62 Worcester 18-dod 1/21/64 Stevensburg, Va.
Keach, Chas. (BF) I 152Inf 8/26/62 Pittsfield 34-cia 6/22/64 d. nd Andersonville
Hadsell, Wm. H. (CR) I  152Inf 9/6/62 Roseboom 20-kia 6/3/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Crocker, Smith H. (CPT) I  152Inf 9/6/62 Roseboom 18-died 10/25/64 City Point, Va.
Hill, Henry I  152Inf 9/6/62 Otsego 31-kia 8/25/64 Reams Station, Va.
Delaney, John I  152Inf 9/6/62 Otsego 21-mia 6/22 d. 4/8/65 Ft. Monroe, Va.
Bishop, Robert M. (CH) I  152Inf 9/4/62 New Lisbon 44-died 8/10/63 NY City
Lovejoy, Henry S. Mus. (CPR) I  152Inf 9/23/62 Roseboom 20-d. 12/31/63 Stevensburg, Va.
Greenwald, Marcus I  152Inf 9/19/62 Roseboom 24-cia nd d. 8/14/64 Richmond, Va.
McKinley, Jas. H. I  152Inf 9/15/62 Roseboom 21-died 7/27/63 NY City
Christman, Jacob H. (CH) I  152Inf 8/26/62 Laurens 36-died 10/8/63 NY City
Bush, Geo. H. I  152Inf 2/6/64 Roseboom 18-kia 11/18/64 Petersburg, Va.
Adams, Lucius Musician H 152Inf  9/3/62 New Lisbon 21-dod 2/6/63 Ft. Marcy, Va.
Radley, Stephen H 152Inf 9/6/62 Pittsford 21-kia 6/7/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Steere, Augustus Jr. (FB) H 152Inf 9/6/62 Laurens 22-d. sunstroke 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Jenks, Milton H 152Inf 9/5/62 Hartwick 19-dod 8/4/63 Convalescent Camp
Vandeusen, Smith L. (ARL) H 152Inf 9/26/62 New Lisbon 18-wia 5/12 dow 6/6/64 Wash. DC
Harrington, Wm. H 152Inf 9/2/62 Pittsfield 29-disdis 11/3/64 (died 1864)
Pashley, John M. H 152Inf 9/2/62 Otsego 18-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Bruce, Danford (HAR) H 152Inf 8/30/62 Pittsfield 44-dod 3/14/63 Wash. DC
Brown, Jas. W. Sgt. H 152Inf 8/30/62 Pittsfield 24-kia 5/18/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Barnes, Melvin Sgt. H 152Inf 8/30/62 Milford 18-kia 8/25/64 Reams Station, Va.
Richards, Philander H 152Inf 8/30/62 Hartwick 42-kia 5/13/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Lull, Galen H. (CGO) H 152Inf 8/29/62 Laurens 29-cia 6/22 d. nd Andersonville, Ga.
Fenton, Nathaniel Cpl. H 152Inf 8/28/62 Pittsfield 32-kia 8/14/64 Deep Bottom, Va.
Gallup, Wm. T. (MA) H 152Inf 8/28/62 Pittsfield 27-dod 3/26/63 Wash. DC
Hubbard, Jas. H. (PB) H 152Inf 8/27/62 Laurens 28-kia 11/16/64 Petersburg, Va.
Stedman, Richard H 152Inf 8/26/62 Pittsfield 35-kia 5/14/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Cole, Russell L. (AND) H 152Inf 8/13/62 Pittsfield 26-cia 5/12/64 d.(7/28/64) And. Ga.
Kellogg, Melville W. H 152Inf 3/31/64 Hartwick 18-wia 5/5 dow 5/7/64 Wilderness
Avery, Oscar H 152Inf 2/26/64  Maryland 18-kia 11/14/64 Ft. Stedman, Va.
Beach, Amos F. (CH)            G 152Inf  9/6/62 Otsego 44-dis 8/17/63 Wash.DC
Alger, Elias (HP) G 152Inf  8/28/62 Oneonta 29-dod 7/19/63 Chesapeake Hosp. Va
Stebins, Chas. A. Cpl. G 152Inf 9/6/62 Butternuts 22-wia 5/12 dow 5/13/64 Spotsylv.
Rowey, John G 152Inf 9/5/62 Butternuts 30-cia nd d. 10/24/64 Andersonville
Davis, Geo. L. G 152Inf 9/4/62 Butternuts 19-kia 6/3/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Coats, Parker L. G 152Inf 9/26/62 Otsego 22-dod 11/3/64 Schuyler Lake, NY
Truman, Asaph C. (MA) G 152Inf 8/30/62 Otego 23-dod 6/17/63 Wash. DC
Green, Solomon A. Sgt. G 152Inf 8/30/62 Otego 19-dod 3/10/63 Wash. DC
Bryant, Albert (ARL) G 152Inf 8/30/62 Butternuts 32-wia 6/17 Petersburg dow 8/29/64
Goodwill, John H. Cpl. (HP) G 152Inf 8/30/62 Butternuts 18-dod 8/1/63 Ft. Monroe, Va.
Miller, Jas. A. (AND) G 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 32-cia 6/22 d. 10/26/64 Andersonville
Banker, Irving F. (AND) G 152Inf 3/29/64 Maryland 18-cia 6/22 d.10/26/64 Andersonville
Root, Wallace J. Sgt. F 152Inf 9/9/62 Springfield 25-wia 5/13 dow 5/21/64 Fred'ksbg.
Manchester, Arthur L.1Sgt.(MA)  E 152Inf 8/27/62 Morris 22-dod 4/1/63 Wash. DC
Adams, Geo. T. Sgt. D 152Inf  9/6/62 Springfield 31-cia 5/5/64 d. 1/10/65 Florence,SC
Small,Wm. (MA)  D 152Inf  9/6/62 Springfield 18-d. 12/25/63 Wash.DC
Hinds, Moses N. Sgt. D 152Inf 9/6/62 Springfield 18-kia 5/28/64 Totopotomoy, Va.
VanHorne, John D 152Inf 9/1/62 Otsego 22-kia 5/12/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Wiles(Wilds), John D 152Inf 8/30/62 Springfield 31-kia 5/10/64 Laurel Hill, Va.
Peck, Luther D 152Inf 8/29/62 Springfield 20-kia 6/5/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Druce, Isaac W. Cpl. D 152Inf 8/28/62 Springfield 28-cia 6/23/64 d. 1/10/65 Florence
Gilmore, Lorenzo C. Cpl. D 152Inf 8/23/62 Springfield 27-cia 6/23 d.11/4/64 Florence SC
Doxtater, John D 152Inf 8/21/62 Springfield 23-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Haitie, Albert C. Cpl. D 152Inf 8/18/62 Springfield 22-wia 5/6 Wilderness dow 5/12/64
Parcell, Samuel G (CAPT) C 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 34-dod 6/25/64 City Point, Va.
Stevens, Ethan D. C 152Inf 9/6/62 Morris 22-cia 6/22/64 Petersburg d. nd pow
Lewis, David H. Cpl. C 152Inf 8/30/62 Morris 19-kia 6/3/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Kelsey, Chauncey C 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 44-kia 10/28/64 Boyden Plank Rd. Va.
Kidder, Geo. T. 1Sgt. C 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 31-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Radley, John C 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 24-cia 8/14/64 Deep Bottom d. nd pow
Miller, Daniel (ARL) C 152Inf 8/28/62 Morris 37-wia 5/29 dow 6/25/64 Wash. DC
Card, Abel Sgt. C 152Inf 8/27/62 Morris 35-cia 6/22 d. 11/24/64 Andersonville
Sergeant, Stanley G. Cpl. C 152Inf 8/27/62 Morris 20-cia 8/14/64 Deep Bottom d. nd pow
Ripley, Francis A. Sgt. (AND) C 152Inf 8/20/62 Laurens 32-cia 6/22 d. 10/18/64 Andersonville
Reeves, Geo. (AND) C 152Inf 1/17/64 Milford 23-cia 6/22 d. 8/15/64 Andersonville
Kinney, Alvin (CPT) C 152Inf 1/17/64 Milford 18-dod 6/28/64 City Point, Va.
Kelsey, Jas. T. C 152Inf 1/13/64 Morris 21-hospital 4/65 nfr (d. 5/64)
Welch, Alfred B 152Inf 8/30/62 Richfield 19-wia 5/12 dow 5/19/64 Portsmouth
Huntley, Lester C. B 152Inf 8/28/62 Richfield 30-kia 8/25/64 Reams Station, Va.

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