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George Foster - Notes and research


Civil War Record
Enlistment: 9/6/62
Age 18
Co. G, 152d NY Infantry
Rank: Private
POW 6/22/64 Weldon Railroad, VA; Paroled 4/21/65
Mustered out 7/18/65, at New York City

The Battles for Jerusalem Plank Road, June 21-24, 1864

Beyond the Crater


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New York State Military Museum - profile of the 152d

Book: Melancholy Affair at Weldon Railroad

Gen. Joshua Thomas Owen
Brigade commander at at the Battle of Wilderness, Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor. Brigade included NY 152, PA 69, 106, 71 and 72. 
Profile at Find A Grave

Report by Maj. Gen John Gibbon

Philadelphia Brigade

Books about the regiment:

New York in the war of the rebellion, 1861 to 1865,  By Frederick Phisterer

The Veteran Volunteers of Herkimer and Otsego Counties in the War of the Rebellion; Being a history of the 152nd NYV (Henry Roback)

Draft riots - graphic

Otsego information
Otsego County info

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Reminiscences By J.N. Daniels of Morris NY
Company C, 152d Regiment NY Volunteer Infantry
Published in the Morris Chronicle 1904
Foster arrives at Andersonville

Civil War stories by Gen. Delevan Bates
Published in the Otsego Republican, 1896

Roster of 152nd Regiment (PDF)

GILBERT, EDMUND C-Age, 25 years. Enrolled, October 6, 1862, at Mohawk, to serve three years; mustered in as captain, Co. G, October 15, 1862; captured in action, June 22, 1864, at Weldon Railroad, Va.; escaped from Charlotte, N . C., March 17, 1865; mustered in as major, June 7, 1865; mustered out with regiment, July 13, 1865, near Washington, D. C. Commissioned captain, November 3, 1862, with rank from October 6, 1862, original; major, April 22, 1865, with rank from February 4,1865, vice J . E . Curtiss promoted; lieutenant colonel, not mustered, June 13, 1865, with rank from June 1, 1865, vice J. E. Curtiss promoted.

O'BRIEN, TIMOTHY.—Age, 22 years. Enrolled, September 7, 1862, at Mohawk, to serve three years; mustered in as captain, Co. A, October 14,1862; as major, September 28,1863; wounded in action, at the Wilderness, and Deep Bottom, Va.; discharged for disability, February 4, 1865. Commissioned captain, November 3, 1862, with rank from September 7, 1862, original; major, September 5, 1863, with rank from May 15, 1863, vice George R. Spalding resigned; lieutenant-colonel, not mustered, January 16, 1864, with rank from November 15, 1863, vice G. W. Thompson promoted.

DOUBLEDAY, THEODORE N.—Age, 25 years. Enlisted, September 5, 1862, at Otsego, to serve three years; mustered in as sergeant, Co. G, October 15, 1862; wounded in action, August 11, 1864, at Deepbottom, Va.; discharged for disability, March 21, 1865.

FENTON, CHARLES H.—Age, 19 years. Enlisted, August 13, 1862, at Exeter, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. G, October 15, 1862; wounded in action, June 22, 1864, at Weldon Railroad, V a . ; transferred to Sixteenth Company, Second Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps, A p r i l 7, 1865; discharged, July 3, 1865, at Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C.

FRONE, JOSEPH C — Age, 34 years. Enlisted, August. 27, 1862, at Otego, to serve three years; mustered in as corporal, Co. G, October 15, 1862; returned to ranks, no date; transferred to Eighteenth Company, Second Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps, November 20, 1863; mustered out with detachment, August 11, 1865, at Albany, N . Y.

GAGE, DANFORD — Age, 27 years. Enlisted, September 4, 1862, at Milford, to serve three years; mustered in as private,. Go. H , October 14, 1862; deserted, September 13, 1863, at New York city; also borne as Danforth and Danford S.

GREEN, SOLOMON A.—Age, 19 years. Enlisted, August 30, 1862, at Otego, to serve three years; mustered in as sergeant, Co. G, October 15, 1862; died of congestion of the brain, March 10, 1863, at Washington, D.C.

HASTINGS, J O H N T.—Age, 21 years. Enlisted, September 5, 1862, at Butternuts, to serve three years; mustered in. as private, Co. G, October 15, 1862; promoted corporal, December 18, 1862; sergeant, November 1,1864; sergeant-major, December 24, 1864; mustered out, July 17, 1865, at Augur Hospital, Washington, D.C.

HESLOP, JOSEPH W.—Age, 20 years. ' Enlisted, September 6, 1862, at Butternuts, to serve three years; mustered in as sergeant, Co. G, no date; returned to ranks, September 21, 1863; promoted corporal, October 12, 1864; sergeant, May 23, 1865; mustered out with company, June 13, 1865, near Munson's Hill, Va.

HINDS, JOSIAH.—Age, 28 years. Enrolled, October 6, 1862, at Mohawk, to serve three years; mustered in as first lieutenant, Co. G, October 15, 1862; died of fever, August 7,1864, at Otsego, N. Y. Commissioned first lieutenant, November 3, 1862, with rank from October 6, 1862, original.

HOUSE, HERMAN.—Age, 18 years. Enlisted, September 5,1862, at Otsego, to serve three years; mustered in as corporal, Co. G, . October 15, 1862; promoted, sergeant, March 17, 1863; returned to ranks, April 30, 1865; mustered out with company, July 13, 1865, near Munson's Hill, Va.

MALLERY, GILBERT S.—Age, 19 years. Enlisted, September 5, 1862, at Butternuts, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. G, October 15, 1862; promoted corporal, September 24, 1863; wounded in action, May 6, 1861, at the Wilderness, V a . ; promoted sergeant, May 1, 1865; first sergeant, May 15, 1865; mustered out with company, July 13, 1865, at Munson's Hill, Va.; also borne as Malory.

PATTERSON, JAMES L.—Age, 33 years. Enlisted August 30, 1862, at Butternuts, to serve* three jeavs; mustered in as sergeant, Co. G, October 15, 1862; promoted first sergeant, November 20, 1.862; returned to ranks, February 10, 1863; deserted, September 12, 1863.

ROGERS, WILLIAM M.—Age, 25 years. Enlisted, August 29, 1862, at Otego, to serve three years; mustered in as corporal, Co. G, October 15,1862; promoted sergeant, December 18, 1862; wounded in action, May 6, 1864, at the Wilderness, Va.; returned to ranks, October 12, 1864; mustered out with company, July 13, 1865, at Munson's Hill, Va.

ROWEY, JOHN.—Age, 30 years. Enlisted, September 5, 1862, at Butternuts, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. G, October 15, 1862; captured, no date; died, October 24, 1864, at Andersonville, Ga.

THOMPSON, GEORGE W.—Age, 32 years. Enrolled at Washington, D. 0., to serve three years, and mustered in as lieutenant-colonel, January 28, 1863; wounded in action. May 12, 1864, at Spotsylvania, and June 30, 1864, near Petersburg, Va.; mustered out, to date June 24, 1865, near Alexandria, Va. Commissioned lieutenant-colonel, January 29, 1863, with rank from January 28, 1863, vice A. Ferguson promoted; colonel, not mustered, December 12, 1863, with rank from November 15, 1863, vice A. Ferguson honorably discharged.

WETMORE, CHAUNCY E.—Age, 23 years. Enlisted, September 13, 1862, at Butternuts, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. G, October 15, 1862; deserted, August 24, 1863, at New York city; also borne as Whetmore.

WHITNEY", WILLIAM M.—Age, 27 years. Enlisted, September 6, 1862, at Otego, to serve three years; mustered in as corporal, Co. G, October 15, 1862; promoted sergeant, October 12, 1864; returned to ranks, June 22, 1865; mustered, out with company, July 13, 1865, at Munson's Hill, Va.

Andersonville Prison
Website by area resident

Records and links
Database of prisoners

Andersonville, or Camp Sumter as it was officially known, was one of the largest of many established prison camps during the American Civil War. It was built early in 1864 after Confederate officials decided to move the large number of Federal prisoners kept in and around Richmond, Virginia, to a place of greater security and a more abundant food supply. During the 14 months the prison existed, more than 45,000 Union Solders were confined here. Of these, almost 13,000 died from disease, poor sanitation, malnutrition, overcrowding, or exposure to the elements.

The pen initially covered about 16 1/2 acres of land enclosed by a 15 foot high stockade of hewn pine logs. It was enlarged to 26 1/2 acres in June of 1864. The stockade was in the shape of a parallelogram 1,620 feet long and 779 feet wide. Sentry boxes, or "pigeon roost" as the prisoners called them, stood at 30 yard intervals along the top of the stockade. Inside, about 19 feet from the wall, was the " DEADLINE ," which the prisoners were forbidden to cross upon threat of death. Flowing through the prison yard was a stream called Stockade Branch, which supplied water to most of the prison. Two entrances, the North Gate and the South Gate, were on the West side of the stockade. Eight small earthen forts located around the exterior of the prison were equipped with artillery to quell disturbances within the compound and to defend against feared Union cavalry attacks. The first prisoners were brought to Andersonville in February, 1864. During the next few months approximately 400 more arrived each day until, by the end of June, some 26,000 men were confined in a prison area originally intended to hold 13,000. The largest number held at any one time was more than 32,000- about the population of present-day Sumter County- in August, 1864. Handicapped by deteriorating economic conditions, an inadequate transportation system, and the need to concentrate all available resources on the army, the Confederate government was unable to provide adequate housing, food, clothing, and medical care to their Federal captives. These conditions, along with a breakdown of the prisoner exchange system, resulted in much suffering and a high mortality rate.

Andersonville Prison ceased to exist in May, 1865. Some former prisoners remained in Federal service, but most returned to the civilian occupations they had before the war. During July and August, 1865, Clara Barton, a detachment of laborers and soldiers, and a former prisoner named Dorence Atwater, came to Andersonville cemetery to identify and mark the graves of the Union dead. As a prisoner, Atwater was assigned to record the names of deceased Union soldiers for the Confederates. Fearing loss of of the death record at war's end, Atwater made his own copy in hopes of notifying the relatives of some 12,000 dead interred at Andersonville. Thanks to his list and the Confederate records confiscated at the end of the war, only 460 of the Andersonville graves had to be marked " Unknown U.S. Soldier."

Colonel Leonard Boyer received authority , August 23, 1861, to recruit this regiment in the 20th Senatorial District of the State; it was organized at Mohawk and there mustered in the service of the United States for three years October 14 1862 The majority of the volunteers serving in the 152nd Infantry were drawn from Herkimer and Otsego Counties as follows: A, Herkimer, Little Falls and Mannheim; B, Warren, Ohio, Richfield, Norway, Newport, Russia and Wilmurt; C, Mohawk and Morris; D, Stark, Springfield, Warren, Otsego and Richfield; E, Litchfield, Winfield, Danube, Schuyler, Columbia and Springfield; F, Little Falls, Fairfield, Mannheim, Warren, Newport and Danube; G. Otego, Butternuts, Oneonta, Otsego and Exeter; H, Hartwick, Laurens, New Lisbon, Pittsfield, Milford and Maryland; I, Roseboom, Otsego, Worcester, Laurens, Burlington, Springfield, Richfield, Hartwick, New Lisbon and Stark; and K Frankfort, Warren, Roseboom, German Flatts, Little Falls, Worcester, Richfield, Columbia and Herkimer
The regiment left the State for Washington, D.C. October 25, 1862. They were assigned to duty in the Defenses of Washington, D.C. till April, 1863. They were ordered to Suffolk, Va., April 18, Siege of Suffolk April 20-May 4. Dix‘s Peninsula Campaign, June 24-July 7. Expedition from White House to Bottom‘s Bridge July 1-7. Ordered to New York July 12. Duty at New York City July 16 to October 18. Rejoined Army of the Potomac in the field October 24. Advance to line of the Rappahannock November 7-8. Mine Run campaign November 26-December 2. Demonstration on the Rapidan February 6-7, 1864. Morton‘s Ford February 6-7. At and near Stevensburg till May. Campaign from the Rapidan to the James May 3-June 15. Battles of the Wilderness May 5-7; Laurel Hill May 8; Spottsylvania May 8-12; Po River May 10; Spottsylvania Court House May 12-21. Assault on the Salient, “Bloody Angle,” May 12. North Anna River May 23-26. On line of the Pamunkey May 26-28. Totopotomoy May 28-31. Cold Harbor June 1-12. Before Petersburg June 16-18. Siege of Petersburg June 16, 1864 to April 2, 1865. Jerusalem Plank Road, Weldon Railroad June 22-23, 1864. Demonstra- tion north of the James July 27-29. Deep Bottom July 27-28. .Demonstration north of the James August 13-20. Strawberry Plains, Deep Bottom August 14-18. Ream’s Station August 25. Boydton Plank Road, Hatcher’s Run October 27-28. Dabney’s Mills, Hatcher’s Run February 5-7, 1865, Watkins’ House March 25. Appomattox Campaign March 28-April 9. Boydton Road and White Oak Ridge March 29-31. Crow’s House March 31. Fall of Petersburg April 2. Pursuit of Lee April 3-9. Sailor’s Creek April 6. High Bridge, Farmville April 7. Appomattox Court House April 9. Surrender of Lee and his army. At Burkesville till May 2. March to Washington, D.C., May 2-12. Grand Review May 23, Mustered out at Washington. D.C., June 13, 1865.
The Regiment lost during service 3 Officers and 66 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 91 Enlisted men by disease. Total 161

Boyer served until January, 1863
Col. Alonzo Ferguson Jan. - Nov. 1863

Jerusalem Plank Road
First Battle of Weldon Railroad Virginia
American Civil War
June 21-24, 1864
On June 21, the Union II Corps, supported by the VI Corps, attempted to cut the Weldon Railroad, one of the major supply lines into Petersburg. The movement was preceded by Wilson's cavalry division which began destroying tracks. On June 22, troops from Lt. Gen. A.P. Hill's corps led by Brig. Gen. William Mahone counterattacked, forcing the II Corps away from the railroad to positions on the Jerusalem Plank Road. Although the Federals were driven from their advanced positions, they were able to extend their siege lines farther to the west.

Result(s): Union gained ground
Location: Dinwiddie County and Petersburg
Campaign: Richmond-Petersburg Campaign (June 1864-March 1865)

Jerusalem Plank Road, Weldon Railroad, June 22-23, 1864

June 1, (1864) started at night for Cold Harbor. About 2 p.m. the following day reached Cold Harbor, much wearied with the march. 3d, charged a strong position of the enemy and were repulsed, but held the ground within 10 rods of the enemy's works, and built pits under severe fire. Casualties in regiment, 13. Remained in this position under constant fire until night of Sunday, June 12.
Very respectfully, T. O'BRIEN, Major, Commanding Regiment.

Cold Harbor
Location: Hanover County - Va.
Campaign: Grant’s Overland Campaign (May-June 1864)
Date(s): May 31-June 12, 1864
Principal Commanders: Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and Maj. Gen. George G. Meade [US]; Gen. Robert E. Lee [CS]

Forces Engaged: 170,000 total (US 108,000; CS 62,000)
Estimated Casualties: 15,500 total (US 13,000; CS 2,500)

Description: On May 31, Sheridan’s cavalry seized the vital crossroads of Old Cold Harbor. Early on June 1, relying heavily on their new repeating carbines and shallow entrenchments, Sheridan’s troopers threw back an attack by Confederate infantry. Confederate reinforcements arrived from Richmond and from the Totopotomoy Creek lines. Late on June 1, the Union VI and XVIII Corps reached Cold Harbor and assaulted the Confederate works with some success. By June 2, both armies were on the field, forming on a seven-mile front that extended from Bethesda Church to the Chickahominy River. At dawn June 3, the II and XVIII Corps, followed later by the IX Corps, assaulted along the Bethesda Church-Cold Harbor line and were slaughtered at all points. Grant commented in his memoirs that this was the only attack he wished he had never ordered. The armies confronted each other on these lines until the night of June 12, when Grant again advanced by his left flank, marching to James River. On June 14, the II Corps was ferried across the river at Wilcox’s Landing by transports. On June 15, the rest of the army began crossing on a 2,200-foot long pontoon bridge at Weyanoke. Abandoning the well-defended approaches to Richmond, Grant sought to shift his army quickly south of the river to threaten Petersburg.

Otsego County Vets

This list is an extract of the 152nd Regiment from a larger list compiled by Charles Shaw

cia- captured in action
kia- killed in action
wia- wounded in action
disdis- discharged for disability
dod- died of disease
dow- died of wounds
nd- no date
nfr- no further record
Co. "U" unassigned company

Name_______________________Reg't ______Enlisted Age Death date and place of death

Dickenson, Madison Cpl. (AND) K 152Inf 9/4/62 Roseboom 27-cia 6/23 d. 9/29/64 Andersonville
Hardendorf, Cornelius K 152Inf 9/15/62 Cherry Valley 23-d. 1/4/64 Stevensburg, Va.
Persons, Irwin M. (CPR) K 152Inf 8/21/62 Worcester 18-dod 1/21/64 Stevensburg, Va.
Keach, Chas. (BF) I 152Inf 8/26/62 Pittsfield 34-cia 6/22/64 d. nd Andersonville
Hadsell, Wm. H. (CR) I  152Inf 9/6/62 Roseboom 20-kia 6/3/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Crocker, Smith H. (CPT) I  152Inf 9/6/62 Roseboom 18-died 10/25/64 City Point, Va.
Hill, Henry I  152Inf 9/6/62 Otsego 31-kia 8/25/64 Reams Station, Va.
Delaney, John I  152Inf 9/6/62 Otsego 21-mia 6/22 d. 4/8/65 Ft. Monroe, Va.
Bishop, Robert M. (CH) I  152Inf 9/4/62 New Lisbon 44-died 8/10/63 NY City
Lovejoy, Henry S. Mus. (CPR) I  152Inf 9/23/62 Roseboom 20-d. 12/31/63 Stevensburg, Va.
Greenwald, Marcus I  152Inf 9/19/62 Roseboom 24-cia nd d. 8/14/64 Richmond, Va.
McKinley, Jas. H. I  152Inf 9/15/62 Roseboom 21-died 7/27/63 NY City
Christman, Jacob H. (CH) I  152Inf 8/26/62 Laurens 36-died 10/8/63 NY City
Bush, Geo. H. I  152Inf 2/6/64 Roseboom 18-kia 11/18/64 Petersburg, Va.
Adams, Lucius Musician H 152Inf  9/3/62 New Lisbon 21-dod 2/6/63 Ft. Marcy, Va.
Radley, Stephen H 152Inf 9/6/62 Pittsford 21-kia 6/7/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Steere, Augustus Jr. (FB) H 152Inf 9/6/62 Laurens 22-d. sunstroke 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Jenks, Milton H 152Inf 9/5/62 Hartwick 19-dod 8/4/63 Convalescent Camp
Vandeusen, Smith L. (ARL) H 152Inf 9/26/62 New Lisbon 18-wia 5/12 dow 6/6/64 Wash. DC
Harrington, Wm. H 152Inf 9/2/62 Pittsfield 29-disdis 11/3/64 (died 1864)
Pashley, John M. H 152Inf 9/2/62 Otsego 18-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Bruce, Danford (HAR) H 152Inf 8/30/62 Pittsfield 44-dod 3/14/63 Wash. DC
Brown, Jas. W. Sgt. H 152Inf 8/30/62 Pittsfield 24-kia 5/18/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Barnes, Melvin Sgt. H 152Inf 8/30/62 Milford 18-kia 8/25/64 Reams Station, Va.
Richards, Philander H 152Inf 8/30/62 Hartwick 42-kia 5/13/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Lull, Galen H. (CGO) H 152Inf 8/29/62 Laurens 29-cia 6/22 d. nd Andersonville, Ga.
Fenton, Nathaniel Cpl. H 152Inf 8/28/62 Pittsfield 32-kia 8/14/64 Deep Bottom, Va.
Gallup, Wm. T. (MA) H 152Inf 8/28/62 Pittsfield 27-dod 3/26/63 Wash. DC
Hubbard, Jas. H. (PB) H 152Inf 8/27/62 Laurens 28-kia 11/16/64 Petersburg, Va.
Stedman, Richard H 152Inf 8/26/62 Pittsfield 35-kia 5/14/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Cole, Russell L. (AND) H 152Inf 8/13/62 Pittsfield 26-cia 5/12/64 d.(7/28/64) And. Ga.
Kellogg, Melville W. H 152Inf 3/31/64 Hartwick 18-wia 5/5 dow 5/7/64 Wilderness
Avery, Oscar H 152Inf 2/26/64  Maryland 18-kia 11/14/64 Ft. Stedman, Va.
Beach, Amos F. (CH)            G 152Inf  9/6/62 Otsego 44-dis 8/17/63 Wash.DC
Alger, Elias (HP) G 152Inf  8/28/62 Oneonta 29-dod 7/19/63 Chesapeake Hosp. Va
Stebins, Chas. A. Cpl. G 152Inf 9/6/62 Butternuts 22-wia 5/12 dow 5/13/64 Spotsylv.
Rowey, John G 152Inf 9/5/62 Butternuts 30-cia nd d. 10/24/64 Andersonville
Davis, Geo. L. G 152Inf 9/4/62 Butternuts 19-kia 6/3/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Coats, Parker L. G 152Inf 9/26/62 Otsego 22-dod 11/3/64 Schuyler Lake, NY
Truman, Asaph C. (MA) G 152Inf 8/30/62 Otego 23-dod 6/17/63 Wash. DC
Green, Solomon A. Sgt. G 152Inf 8/30/62 Otego 19-dod 3/10/63 Wash. DC
Bryant, Albert (ARL) G 152Inf 8/30/62 Butternuts 32-wia 6/17 Petersburg dow 8/29/64
Goodwill, John H. Cpl. (HP) G 152Inf 8/30/62 Butternuts 18-dod 8/1/63 Ft. Monroe, Va.
Miller, Jas. A. (AND) G 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 32-cia 6/22 d. 10/26/64 Andersonville
Banker, Irving F. (AND) G 152Inf 3/29/64 Maryland 18-cia 6/22 d.10/26/64 Andersonville
Root, Wallace J. Sgt. F 152Inf 9/9/62 Springfield 25-wia 5/13 dow 5/21/64 Fred'ksbg.
Manchester, Arthur L.1Sgt.(MA)  E 152Inf 8/27/62 Morris 22-dod 4/1/63 Wash. DC
Adams, Geo. T. Sgt. D 152Inf  9/6/62 Springfield 31-cia 5/5/64 d. 1/10/65 Florence,SC
Small,Wm. (MA)  D 152Inf  9/6/62 Springfield 18-d. 12/25/63 Wash.DC
Hinds, Moses N. Sgt. D 152Inf 9/6/62 Springfield 18-kia 5/28/64 Totopotomoy, Va.
VanHorne, John D 152Inf 9/1/62 Otsego 22-kia 5/12/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Wiles(Wilds), John D 152Inf 8/30/62 Springfield 31-kia 5/10/64 Laurel Hill, Va.
Peck, Luther D 152Inf 8/29/62 Springfield 20-kia 6/5/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Druce, Isaac W. Cpl. D 152Inf 8/28/62 Springfield 28-cia 6/23/64 d. 1/10/65 Florence
Gilmore, Lorenzo C. Cpl. D 152Inf 8/23/62 Springfield 27-cia 6/23 d.11/4/64 Florence SC
Doxtater, John D 152Inf 8/21/62 Springfield 23-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Haitie, Albert C. Cpl. D 152Inf 8/18/62 Springfield 22-wia 5/6 Wilderness dow 5/12/64
Parcell, Samuel G (CAPT) C 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 34-dod 6/25/64 City Point, Va.
Stevens, Ethan D. C 152Inf 9/6/62 Morris 22-cia 6/22/64 Petersburg d. nd pow
Lewis, David H. Cpl. C 152Inf 8/30/62 Morris 19-kia 6/3/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Kelsey, Chauncey C 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 44-kia 10/28/64 Boyden Plank Rd. Va.
Kidder, Geo. T. 1Sgt. C 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 31-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Radley, John C 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 24-cia 8/14/64 Deep Bottom d. nd pow
Miller, Daniel (ARL) C 152Inf 8/28/62 Morris 37-wia 5/29 dow 6/25/64 Wash. DC
Card, Abel Sgt. C 152Inf 8/27/62 Morris 35-cia 6/22 d. 11/24/64 Andersonville
Sergeant, Stanley G. Cpl. C 152Inf 8/27/62 Morris 20-cia 8/14/64 Deep Bottom d. nd pow
Ripley, Francis A. Sgt. (AND) C 152Inf 8/20/62 Laurens 32-cia 6/22 d. 10/18/64 Andersonville
Reeves, Geo. (AND) C 152Inf 1/17/64 Milford 23-cia 6/22 d. 8/15/64 Andersonville
Kinney, Alvin (CPT) C 152Inf 1/17/64 Milford 18-dod 6/28/64 City Point, Va.
Kelsey, Jas. T. C 152Inf 1/13/64 Morris 21-hospital 4/65 nfr (d. 5/64)
Welch, Alfred B 152Inf 8/30/62 Richfield 19-wia 5/12 dow 5/19/64 Portsmouth
Huntley, Lester C. B 152Inf 8/28/62 Richfield 30-kia 8/25/64 Reams Station, Va.